700r4 Transmission Lock Up Wiring Diagram

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700r4 Transmission Lock Up Wiring Diagram - converter lock up wiring this requires a simple 12 volt circuit 12 volts to the solenoid and a ground to plete the circuit when the brakes are applied the relay switches to pin 87 and the circuit is broken thus unlocking the torque converter next 2 or 3 letters identifies the model of the transmission these numbers tell us the application engine size wiring type and solenoids if you find 2 letters the transmission is made between 1982 1985 if you find 3 letters the transmission is made between 1986 1993 the last way to identify if it s a 4l60 or a 700r4 is to look at the rear of the transmission for the aux tv cable or the 200 4r external lock up kit this kit will enable the driver to control the operation of the torque converter lock up the switch will allow driver to turn the lock up function off during in town driving and on during high speed highway driving span class news dt aug 29 2014.
span nbsp 0183 32 my 81 g 10 van has the same vacuum switch but it has a th350 with a lock up torque converter mv4 not a 700r4 look on the rear tailshaft for a vacuum modulator if it has one on the passenger side you dont have a 700r4 span class news dt sep 12 2008 span nbsp 0183 32 i have a turbo 350c and i was wanting to hook up the lockup function ive already put in a new lockup selonoid ive searched threads on about every forum site i can find dealin with 1980s gm cars and they just talk in circles so far all ive found is that the black tan wire is ground which wire do i need to hook to a power or toggle switch one site said there was a wire on the brake light suzanne i have a 2011 camry toyota camry four cylinder and the engine light just came on and it was p2716 which is shift solenoid and the transmission is a straw not a dipstick but i really can t afford to take it into anyone.
if i can figure out how to change the transmission fluid on my own span class news dt mar 06 2005 span nbsp 0183 32 ltx and lsx lt1 wiring for dummies can a moderator please put a sticky on this and lock it people are sending me a ton of emails on this and i don t have time to reply to all so i figured this will be a greater help to people this will work for the span class news dt mar 13 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 when it es to bolting a transmission to the back of a gen iii ivengine there are countless options from automatics to manuals stock to modified there are literally more transmission options available than there are versions of the gen iii iv engine

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